Andy's Pool Service has years and years of experience installing the right equipment for your swimming pool.  So, put down that wrench and instruction manual, and let us do the work for you!

Main Drains

Effective in 2008, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act" was passed in Congrass that raised awareness to the dangers that a pool drain can possess, forceful suction and pressure that can ultimately cause great injury or death in entrapment.  All public pools are now required to equip its main drains with devices and systems to prevent entrapment in pool drains.  Residential owners need also be aware of the dangers and to protect themselves from such horrific injuries to themselves and others.

Andy's Pool Service has installed many commerical main drains to the specifications set forth by the state of Tennessee.  Contact us to get more information on how you can protect yourself, your family, and friends.

Salt System

Due to the never-ending rise in pool chemicals, Andy's Pool Service has been recommending that all our customers convert over from the tradition chlorine water system to the more delicate salt water system.  The salt water system has benefits that the tradition chlorine system lacks, such as, better control of  algae, greatly reduces the cost of chemicals, and provides gentler water for swimmers that may be bothered by the effects of chlorine (i.e., children).

The salt water system works by converting simple table salt into chlorine. No need to buy those expensive buckets of chlorine ever again!  The Aquarite Salt Generator by Goldline has been our most popular sold today, and one that we highly recommend.  And although the cost to convert to a salt water system can be costly upfront, in the long-run it can be very cost effective.  Call us to learn how you can convert your swimming pool today!

Equipment and Extras

Pool and Spa equipment can be a little tricky to install.  Let us take care of the hard stuff, while you soak away all your concerns.  The list below are just a few of the things that Andy's Pool Service can install:


Pool/Spa Heaters

Pool Lights


Diving Boards

Pool Liner

Deck Drains

Pool Fences


And much, much more!